Conversion Rate Optimization Consultant


My name is Chris and I am a Conversion Rate Optimization Consultant

What is conversion rate optimization?

Conversion Rate Optimization is the process of improving the results of your business. The name is confusing. Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO) experts not only increase the conversion rate on a website, but we focus on improving your business results as a whole. 

Depending on the type of industry you are in we can be focusing on:

  • Improving Conversion Rate
  • Improving Engagement Rate
  • Increasing Time on Site
  • Decreasing Abandonment Rate
  • Increasing the number of leads
  • Increase Monthly Revenue
  • Increasing Average Cart Value
  • Increasing Customer Lifetime Value
  • Improve App Install Rate
  • Decrease Churn Rate
  • Increase Paid Channel Performance 

All these metrics can be optimized with the correct approach. Trust me, I am a Conversion Rate Optimization Manager, and have done dozens of CRO projects.

Conversion Rate Optimization Process

During my work I have developed a conversion rate optimization framework for achieving the best results. My approach is based on Agile Project Management and the rules are:

  • Working in sprints (Two week long periods recommended)
  • Focusing on only one objective per sprint
  • Use Data, not hunches (Qualitative / Quantitative / UX and UI analysis) 
  • Scale your results
  • Always learn from mistakes

How Conversion Rate Optimization Works?

Every CRO consultant has their own process. My approach is to use Experimentation Loops. They consist of five stages:

  1. Plan – Selecting what we want to optimize
  2. Research – Here we do qualitative, quantitative, UX/UX analysis, 
  3. Experiment preparation – Preparing the test, checking which testing methodology is best
  4. Execution – Running the tests
  5. Reporting – You either scale your results or come back with knowledge. Either way you gain knowledge.

Is Conversion Rate Optimization Good For Every Industry?

Yes, of course. The whole process is recommended for companies with at least 100 conversions per month. For companies with fewer results the process might not have enough scale to make a significant difference.

I have experience doing CRO for many industries. For example: ecommerce, apps, b2b, lead generation, content, wordpress websites. I Can also help you optimize your business. Contact me using this form.

Conversion Rate Optimization Example for E-commerce:

Here are some examples of me getting results for my clients.

  • Just after the first two months I have been able to increase the conversion rate by 20%.

Hire a Conversion Rate Optimization Expert

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