eCommerce User Experience (UX) Audit

In the life of every eCommerce, the manager needs to take shortcuts. Sometimes it’s due to technical limitations, sometimes it’s due to time or budget constraints. However, as soon as the dust settles and you have a minute to reflect, you will start noticing the small bugs in your website that you dismissed previously that make the shopping experience bad. You noticed them, and your clients also notice them. This is the perfect moment to invest in an eCommerce UX audit to provide a better, seamless shopping experience.

For audits dedicated to specific platforms please visit the appropriate section:

  • Shopify UX Audit
  • Magento UX Audit
  • Woocommerce UX Audit
  • Vtex UX Audit

What is a UX Audit?

The ConversionCode UX Audit is a complete analysis of your website with the objective of improving the user shopping experience and increase profits. The main goal here is to have a fresh perspective from an independent expert that can analyze your website and how users behave to identify friction points and suggest how to resolve those issues. Our User Experience Audit is based on years of design experience, industry best practices, and marketing knowledge that is served in a friendly and easy to process report.

Why Do You Need a UX Audit?

An external objective perspective on your eCommerce website is very important. The most important thing you must know is that we will not only prepare an audit and exit the project.

We work with the best, certified usability researchers that bring their whole experience to the table and are prepared to give constructive feedback based on data. Our focus is not only on the visual aspects but also on the usability and ease of use of evaluating various parameters.

When the report is finished we can prepare mockups and help your team to design the most user-friendly experience for your eCommerce site. We are there to guide you through the process.

As mentioned before we try to make our audit as data-driven as possible. This means we make sure we can measure the performance before and after the audit.

What is your eCommerce UX Audit Process?

Our process has been modified over the years, but the basic framework still remains the same.

  1. The starting point of our analysis is an interview with the client. We want to understand your problems, your business, and your customers.
  2. We prepare a user journey flow map based on data
  3. We identify potential usability issues based on visitor feedback
  4. User Experience techniques are proposed and selected with the client. It’s crucial that you understand the process and result of each test we run.
  5. We prepare a research plan and divide the website into sections based on the user journey. Among other things we analyze:
  6. Homepage, Navigation, Category listing, Product Page, Cart, Checkout funnel, Thank You page
  7. We have a workshop session where we present our findings and brain-storm solutions together
  8. We create a UX Audit Report with recommendations that you can share with other stakeholders

How do you conduct a UX Audit?

Every client is different and for this reason, our process is unique for every client. We have a toolbox full of techniques and analysis that is aimed to improve the User Experience that we select based on the initial interview. We deeply believe that there is no one universal way to improve all businesses, and therefore every eCommerce website needs a carefully crafted approach. You can find some of the techniques we use below:

  • Expert Heuristic Evaluation
  • Cognitive walkthrough
  • User Testing
  • Usability Testing
  • eCommerce Best practices
  • User Session Recording
  • Visual Information Hierarchy
  • Design Accessibility
  • Feedback Surveys
  • Google Analytics Audit
  • Website Performance Audit

What areas do you focus on during a UX audit?

We plan out the user journeys and see how your clients behave. We check the user experience on their flow from landing on your website to making a purchase. We focus among others on:

  • The checkout process and checkout flows
  • Store features like the add To Cart button, wishlists functionality, shopping cart, payment gateways
  • Mobile eCommerce Experience
  • Product pages
  • Search box
  • Product lists and category listings
  • Customer Service, user satisfaction surveys, and user reviews
  • Navigation Design
  • Product Descriptions

Is a UX audit only for eCommerce websites?

Every type of online business can take advantage of a detailed report of usability issues. We select the best UX auditor for each business, to deliver the best practical implementation examples relevant to your industry. After the UX analysis is created we are also available for consulting to help your team make the necessary changes and make improvement suggestions.

How will your online business benefit from the Ecommerce User Experience Audit?

Increase Conversion Rates and Profits

In our experience, we have noticed that even small changes can bring excellent results. You don’t have to redesign your whole shop to increase conversion rates. We will help you identify the most important aspects of the user checkout funnel and show how to improve their experience and make it easier for them to buy.

Google Promotes Good User Experience

Google’s business is to deliver the best website to the user’s search term. By improving your user experience and the ease of using your website you will improve the time on site and exit rates. This will send signals to Google that users are enjoying their browsing and are not jumping from store to store. This can improve many factors like your rankings in Search Engine Results.

Better Mobile Experience

Mobile usage is rising. It’s estimated that over half of the internet usage comes from phones and we often design with desktop in mind. The goal of our UX Audit is to check all features of the desktop and in particular mobile shopping experience.

How long does it take to do a UX Audit?

The length of the audit depends on the website and the tools the User Experience Expert will use to analyze your eCommerce website. Usually, it takes from 2 to 5 weeks.

Bringing It All Together

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