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You have found who you were searching for. My name is Chris and I am a Google Shopping Consultant, so don’t wait and drop me a message.

What is Google Shopping?

Google Shopping is a part of Google Search Network and is extremely important for every e-commerce shop. The screen below shows a Google Shopping result on Google. In terms of conversions, it’s the most valuable channel for an e-commerce store. No Facebook Ads will give you the same result. This is the first part where you should put your money as an e-commerce store. According to this article from SmartInsights in the US,  Google Shopping takes 76.4% of retail search ad spend, and generates 85.3% of all ad clicks. This is a huge opportunity for your company! But also it’s very important to thread the waters with caution. To get the most of your budget and achieve the highest ROAS go ahead and contact a Google Shopping Consultant like myself.

How Google Shopping works

First we need to understand how Google Shopping compares to standard Keyword Ads. In a traditional campaign, you have to select keywords on which ads will appear. This happens when a user searches for those keywords.

Google Ads Text Ads

Google Shopping works in a different way. You cannot select keywords, google does it for you. WHAT? I CANNOT SELECT WHERE I APPEAR? Correct, my slightly angry friend. However, this can also be a good thing. You need to have a product feed that you connect to your Google Ads account and the Keywords are automatically selected based on the feed’s contents. You will not be able to select keywords, but in most cases the big G does a better job selecting them for you. 

It will just take a lot of budget and time to make the necessary adjustments and achieve the potential of your Google Shopping campaigns. This is something that Google Shopping Experts have learned to work with. From my experience, I can say with high confidence, that great results are possible.

Why is Google Shopping important for your e-commerce?

Now we understand how Google Shopping works, but let’s also explain why it’s important to an e-commerce business. Google Shopping is the first thing a user sees when searching for a product. Let’s take a washing machine as a keyword. We see first there appears a list of google shopping ads –  up to 30 listings can appear in this list. The next thing. you see are Text Ads for selected Keywords. By comparing the two we can see that shopping does not only show the price and the product name but also a photo. This is the key ingredient of Google Shopping. It attracts the user’s attention. In advanced Google Shopping strategies, you can also include supplementary information like for example seller Rating or Product Discount. This helps to increase the conversion rate of your products.

Google Shopping Results

Google Shopping Management Services

Managing Google Shopping campaigns is a complex process. It does not only come to optimizing campaigns but also assuring the product feed is high quality. The process differs from consultant to consultant, but I explain my approach below.

Google Shopping feed optimization

Having high-quality feeds are essential for Google Shopping success. The quality of a feed is assessed on a few levels:

  • Google Merchant Center – this is the tool that connects with our feed and processes it. The data is then injected into Google Merchant Center and we can verify if there is anything missing.
  • Quality Photos – Google has a few rules in terms of photos. You can read through them on the support page.
    In my experience, I have used automated workflows to help my clients stand out among similar photos.
  • Descriptive titles – Titles are key when it comes to google s
  • GTIN – means Global Trade Item Number or to put the number below the number below the barcode. Google uses this information to match relevant keywords.
  • Additional Attributes – that is color, brand, condition all help to attribute your 

Each of the things listed above influences the quality of the product feed. Optimizing this one file is a priority when I work with clients. You can read more on my process below.

Google Shopping Optimization Process

After years of being a Google shopping freelancer, I have developed a proprietary process to get maximum results. After signing the contract with the client, I start with getting all the needed access. This includes:

  • Google Ads
  • Google Merchant Center 
  • Google Analytics 
  • Link with the file
  • E-store access
  • Sales data

The first step is doing a deep analysis of the product feed. I check for quality issues, missing information, incorrect product groups, additional information. All of these points are stepping stones to success. Afterwards, I set priorities and prepare a guide to help with the repair.

The second step is analyzing the website. Are all the information transferred to Google Ads? Are the conversions counted correctly? Are information like conversion value, product ID available? The answer to all these questions needs to be YES. If there are any errors in the data transfer we need to resolve them quickly, before we start the campaigns.

Subsequently, I conduct an interview with the owner to gain insights into his industry. It’s crucial to understand the business. Knowledge about price structure, margins, stock  levels, shipping options and priority categories. We also check what are the expectations and overall goal. This information helps with understanding the industry and developing the Google Shopping strategy.

There are a number of different Strategies that I have implemented for my Google Shopping Consulting clients. Some clients get incredible results with simple strategies, others need advanced category divisions and negative keyword lists. This process is key in terms of setting and achieving goals.

Hire a Google Shopping Freelancer or Google Shopping Agency?

The decision is difficult, with a freelancer you get a personalized approach and direct contact. In some agencies, the people you talk to are account managers and not Google Shopping Experts. They will try to sell you on the services and try to understand the specifics of your business. In my honest opinion agencies differ in the level of service. Some I could recommend and others I would not. In case, you would like to know which ones I recommend please contact me.

On the other hand, an experienced Google Shopping Consultant like myself that worked years in agencies could be a better option. Direct contact with the strategist is insanely valuable. You can ask relevant questions, get direct replies and have a say in terms of implemented strategies.

Hire a Google Shopping Expert

To sum up the benefits with a Google Shopping Expert instead of an agency are:

  • Direct Contact with a Google Shopping specialist
  • Vast knowledge of the Google Shopping platform
  • Hands-on experience with different Google Shopping Campaigns
  • Millions of dollars of experience with Product Listing Ads

Please go ahead and drop me a message, i would be utterly happy to increase your revenue.